Aurea adds 4 top products to your Unlimited subscription

Taylor Sterling

First, a reminder: Aurea doesn’t sell single software solutions. We sell a subscription to the world’s largest library of enterprise software, called Aurea Unlimited. It works like Netflix: you pay one subscription fee, and you can use all the software in the library, from our CRM and email marketing solutions to virtual offices for remote work — and even Jive, the leading platform for enterprise collaboration.

We’re constantly developing, acquiring, and adding new products to the library, so your subscription never stops getting more valuable. Today, I’m excited to announce four new products joining the library that I think you’ll love.

I haven’t written much in the past about why we acquire certain products, and the litmus test we use to determine which products should be part of the Aurea Library, but our focus is simple – we consistently look for three key elements:

  • Technology that provides a critical, differentiated service. All our solutions must solve business critical problems.
  • Great customers. We look for products used by smart, engaged companies that are invested in the product’s success and can benefit from our unique model.
  • Immediate additive value to our product library. Namely, we target products that complement other solutions and can provide benefits to both acquired and existing customers.

The four new products we are adding to the library pass all of these criteria. All four come to us via our sister company, Ignite: when we noticed how well these products were performing (and identified their synergies with Aurea’s product library), moving them was a no-brainer.  

The first is called FirstRain, and it’s all about better understanding your customers so you can ultimately sell more. Some of the world’s most successful companies use FirstRain to automatically collect and analyze valuable knowledge about what’s happening with customers, prospects, and competitors.

It’s an easy-to-implement SaaS solution, and it’s even more powerful when you integrate it with your CRM (or even better – Aurea CRM!). . With the combination, you can actually use predictive analytics to give sales reps even more ammunition throughout the sale cycle, identifying deal threats, accelerators, and giving reps valuable reasons to check in.

You should really consider this combo if you like the idea of a solution that helps reps better understand where to spend their time to sell more, faster.

Next is Synoptos. Monitoring media mentions and conversations that matter to your company (and industry) is extremely difficult: it’s an around-the-clock job, and it’s easy to miss discussions you should be a part of. Synoptos makes sure you never miss anything. It automatically monitors the internet and popular social media channels, and keeps you informed on all the latest news.

One thing that really stands out about Synoptos is that it doesn’t just look for obvious industry stories, either; it seeks out new ideas and developments that are emerging, so you can stay ahead of trends and developments.  

Give Synoptos a try if you want to better monitor customer sentiment, get more detailed and actionable analysis of your industry, receive regular news briefs tailored to your needs, track industry leaders and influencers and spot opportunities to promote your products, and get a better handle on PR by knowing exactly what’s going on with your brand at all times.  

Third, and for a more targeted set of companies that sell build-to-order and engineer-to-order products, configuring a product quickly and accurately to speed up the quoting and sales process is a huge challenge. SalesBUILDER does exactly that. 

Historically, quoting these types of offerings (and moving them through the sales pipeline) has not been easy. But customization can be a big differentiator for many companies, and that’s what SalesBUILDER is designed for.

Last is Automotive Configuration Management, which is the only industry-specific product on this list, but it’s a huge win for our auto industry clients. In this day and age, your customers want to be able to fully configure their new car online through your website. Even if they don’t order online, this ability is proven to drive traffic to your showroom, where you can close the deal on a unit already on the lot, or create a custom order.

These are just the four latest additions to the Aurea Product Library. As always, if any of these interest you, get in touch with your account executive to learn more or schedule a demo to see them in action.

We’ll be adding many more in 2021, so stay tuned — and be sure to let us know if there is a particular type of product you’d love to see added to the Library.

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