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Accelerating Industry Transformation Begins Now

Rangarajan Venkatesan

Aurea Energy Solutions (AES), a portfolio of products that include the AES Billing and EDI Platforms, have joined a new Solution Group focused on digitally transforming the critical industry specific business processes unique to you.

As Scott mentioned in his recent blog, we are reorganizing our company around Solution Groups and are naming General Managers responsible for each one. The job of the general manager is to help customers understand the broader value of the Solution Group, and help customers visualize how you can expand the value of your current product by adding a series of complementary products.

As the GM of Industry Transformation and a 20+ year veteran of Aurea, I’m excited to continue working with many of you – and get to know those of you I haven’t yet met.

The energy industry is experiencing significant disruption – de-regulation, consolidation, new market entrants, increased customer awareness and expectations, and newer complex energy products just to name a few. A new approach is needed to win in this changing landscape.

Aurea Industry Transformation provides value to customers undergoing rapid change by bringing our ‘Netflix of Software’ library, combined with our deep expertise in your business. We work with leaders in the energy space facing massive transformation, and together we unlock a solution built around Customer Engagement and our Data Technologies.

In addition, we continue to invest in our bulletproof billing services and market expansion products that give our customers a competitive edge in the market.

Stay tuned for additional details on our ambition to accelerate industry transformation – and specifically what that means for our Energy customers. This includes expanding our offering to a Customer Engagement Platform for better insights, reduced churn, upsell opportunities, and integrated demand response capabilities.

I look forward to working with each of you and together, partnering to transform your business in 2021.

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