Aurea Compliance Cloud

Aurea Compliance Cloud

Reduce risk. Cut Costs. Drive compliance.

  • 50% of Aurea Compliance Manager clients have upgraded to the cloud
  • Built using the most modern infrastructure in the world for the most comprehensive and stable cloud capabilities
  • All the functionality of Aurea Compliance Manager, none of the hassle of hosting or upgrades

Your success depends on bringing life-enhancing therapies to market faster, safer, and more efficiently. To avoid costly delays or compliance issues, you need to find every opportunity to increase speed and efficiency. Compliance is more than just managing documents. It’s a real science.

That’s one of the reasons why Aurea Life Sciences clients are upgrading to the Aurea Compliance Cloud. They recognize that when it comes to compliance, cost, and security, the Aurea Compliance Cloud lets them confidently simplify infrastructure and operational demands.

Aurea Compliance Cloud is a state-of-the-art delivery platform for the Aurea Compliance Manager (ACM) suite, conceived from the ground up for the Life Sciences industry.

Our advanced cloud implementation using Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues our rich tradition of bringing best-in-class solutions to our clients, and raises the bar on what companies should expect from their cloud services provider. Aurea has standardized on Amazon Web Services as our universal provider for hosting and infrastructure services. With nearly 10x the utilized cloud capacity of its 14 closest competitors combined, Amazon is the clear leader in infrastructure technology.

The Aurea Compliance Cloud takes full advantage of the capabilities that make AWS the most modern and dominant cloud platform. Aurea Compliance Cloud is able to monitor and optimize the compute power and storage capacity utilization for ACM to drive the best performance. This allows Aurea Compliance Cloud clients to immediately benefit from the latest generation hardware with increased performance, scalability, built-in redundancy and lightning fast disaster recovery.

The Aurea Compliance Cloud allows Life Sciences companies of all sizes to benefit from mission critical infrastructure without the costs and complexities of on-premise data centers. You deserve the most modern infrastructure, and we provide it.

The Aurea Compliance Cloud difference

Aurea Compliance Cloud ensures that your dedicated virtual infrastructure performs at the industry’s highest levels for reliability, performance, privacy, security, compliance, backups and disaster recovery.

Collaboration between disparate, distributed and often global workforces is a key ingredient in Life Sciences workflows, but it creates heightened risks around security, privacy, and access as it relates to heavily regulated content. Traditional on-premises technology infrastructures sometimes can’t keep pace with the increasing trial velocity, complexity, and global collaboration demands. Aurea Compliance Cloud provides a powerful cloud deployment solution that meets your time-to-market and time-to-value goals, while addressing cost, risk, and performance obstacles.

50% of Aurea Compliance Manager (formerly NextDocs) clients have already upgraded to the Aurea Compliance Cloud. Whether you’re currently using eTMF, SOP, Clinical, or Quality solutions, the benefits are impressive:

  • Reduced regulatory risk and improved performance
    The most modern, secure, and scalable cloud infrastructure ensures you never have to worry about performance or reliability risking regulatory compliance.
  • Reduced costs
    Since you no longer require on-premise hardware, you can save big on infrastructure — and on the people and software necessary to maintain it.
  • A future-proofed environment
    By adding Platinum Support to your cloud upgrade, you will always have access to the latest version of Aurea Compliance Manager with no future upgrade costs.

Your security is our priority

Traditional SaaS offerings lack the stringent security and flexibility requirements that are critical to Life Sciences companies. These traditional environments don’t provide multi-tenancy on the application layer, so all clients share the same application instance and the database. This means clients lose the ability to manage their own upgrade schedule, and are restricted from making major customizations to address their unique business and clinical needs. And, these shared, single tenant environments also introduce huge security risk.

The Aurea Compliance Cloud provides the flexibility and security Life Sciences companies need to manage their environments and capabilities. With multi-tenancy on the infrastructure layer – not the application layer – each customer gets their own independent cloud solution, a logically isolated environment consisting of dedicated virtual web, application, and database servers. This provides the highest level of security, since no client’s environment has awareness or connection to other installations. In addition, clients have the freedom to customize their application configurations and plan upgrade and validation schedules on their own terms.

In addition to the benefits enabled by multi-tenancy, the Aurea Compliance Cloud also boosts security with robust firewall protection. Most SaaS providers only provide firewall protection on the network level, and fewer support intrusion detection. The Aurea Compliance Cloud employs enterprise class perimeter firewalls with active intrusion prevention. Application traffic flows through multiple firewalls, some of which inspect for attacks such as cross site scripting or SQL injection, making sure your data and applications are totally secure.


Integrated Life Sciences Solutions with Aurea Compliance Manager

Aurea Compliance Manager (ACM) delivers end-to-end integrated solutions designed to address the specific workflow, compliance, and regulatory needs of Life Sciences companies. And, ACM can be fully deployed through the Aurea Compliance Cloud.

ACM architectureElectronic Trial Master File: Simplify, streamline, and automate clinical trial processes and clinical document management with ACM’s Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF).

Regulatory Document Management: Ensure compliance and manage regulatory and submission documents throughout their life cycle.

SOP & Training: Deploy effective and compliant SOP & Training processes throughout the entire policy and procedure life cycle.

Quality Management Solutions: ACM offers a suite of standalone quality and document management solutions to deliver transparency and insight. Quality Management modules include:

  • CAPA: Manage corrective and preventative actions used for continuous improvement in quality and processes.
  • Deviations / Non-Conformance: Automate and manage deviations and OOS from occurrence to investigation and closure.
  • Complaints: Manage recording, routing, and resolution of all customer complaints.
  • Change Control: Control changes or modifications to products and processes together with the management of associated tasks.
  • Audit Management: Provide complete tracking of observations, findings, and recommendations.