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Come early for Jive Bootcamp: Before our Aurea Experience 20 kickoff, our top product experts will lead hands-on learning sessions for every level of Jive expertise. Check out the full course list below!

Jive Bootcamp Agenda

April 1 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Advanced Community Management
Get the Most Out of Jive’s Analytics

Struggling to use Jive’s Community Analytics tools effectively? In this session, you’ll leave knowing exactly how to get the data you need to keep your community managers engaged and informed using dashboards, queries and the Analytics Export tool.

  • Stuart McIntyre, Fostering Community
  • Joey Levi, VP, Solution Architecture, Aurea
  • Joey Levi

    Joey Levi

    VP, Solution Architecture

    With 25 years of experience from software development to consulting to sales, Joey Levi leads the Solution Architect team at Aurea. Joey is an 11-year veteran in the collaboration and communication space. Having been in front of customers for 20 years, Joey’s primary focus is supporting pre- and post-sales efforts and helping prospects and customers understand the value of software solutions and how they can improve business outcomes and increase revenue.

Advanced Community Management
What can I do with APIs?

We’ve all heard of APIs, but what can Jive actually do with them to add functionality? Learn from an Aurea expert and view examples from customers who have created tiles and integrations to enhance user experiences.

  • Melvin Berena, Technical Lead – Emerging Technology, Royal Bank of Canada
  • Melvin Berena

    Melvin Berena

    Technical Lead – Emerging Technology
    Royal Bank of Canada

    I am a Software Developer with 7+ years of experience in Web, Mobile, Desktop and Database application development using a wide array of programming technologies. My main area of work at RBC involves but is not limited to emerging technology proof of concepts, social collaboration and financial applications setup and development. I’ve been working on the Jive platform since Jive 8 and have worked on add-on development projects to extend Jive’s capabilities such as chatbots, employee matching apps, volunteering platforms, data visualizations and API integrations. I enjoy outdoor activities and I have a very cute Double Doodle.

  • Derek DeMoro, Solution Architect, Aurea
Advanced Community Management
Creating the Best User Experience in Jive

Does your community need a UX update? Do you feel your branding and theming options are limited? Join this session to learn best practices for creating consistency across landing pages and between desktop and mobile experiences — plus get expert tips on the best tiles to use to create a compelling UI.

  • Peter Broadley, Manager, Community Development and Engagement, CSA Group
  • Peter Broadley

    Peter Broadley

    Manager, Community Development and Engagement
    CSA Group

    Peter Broadley is the Manager of Community Development and Engagement at CSA Group. An experienced and award-winning community manager, Peter excels at building and designing online communities, connecting people to information and creating engaging community programs. He has a very diverse background and is able to adapt quickly to find innovative solutions. Peter is also an accomplished musician and enjoys running – a lot.

  • Jon Williams, Solution Architect, Aurea
Networking lunch
Meet Your Peeps

Reconnect with your favorite Jive peers, meet new ones, and enjoy a casual networking lunch with your favorite Aureans.

Content and Community Structure
First Things First: Creating a Solid Community Plan and Structure

Whether you are just starting out or need to refresh a mature community, the key to creating a great user experience is your behind-the-scenes information architecture. This session will help you plan, define, or even redefine a solid base for your community.

  • Julie Blutstein, Prudential
  • Alexander Schuster, Director of Professional Services DACH, Aurea
Content and Community Structure
Creating Killer Content

Engaging and compelling content goes beyond images and color schemes. Join this session to learn everything you need to know about creating killer content – from creating templates for content creators, tips for executives who blog, and how to create campaigns that engage users and keeps them coming back for more.

  • Tracy Maurer, Global Community Manager, Commvault
  • Tracy Maurer

    Tracy Maurer

    Global Community Manager

    I’m passionate about improving the work experience for employees through corporate implementation of enterprise collaboration tools, having experienced first-hand the empowerment these platforms enable. I’ve supported a Jive site since 2010, specializing in upgrades, training/documentation, consulting on content creation, troubleshooting, and use case enablement. Have spoken at many community conferences on a variety of topics. Find me on LinkedIn, Twitter (@tracymaurer) and in AureaWorks.

  • Alexander Schuster, Director of Professional Services DACH, Aurea
Content and Community Structure
Redefining Corporate Communications in Jive

Still not sure of the best way to publish company news and announcements in Jive while keeping the home page fresh and relevant to your users? We’ll start with News basics and deep dive into techniques to help you drive users into your community.

  • Adib Abraham, Director, Digital and Creative, American Airlines
  • Adib Abraham

    Adib Abraham

    Director, Digital and Creative
    American Airlines

    Adib Abrahim brings a unique perspective to the relationship between a company’s brand and its team members, using engaging experiences to shape perception and elevate how team members feel about their company. He is responsible for leading the internal digital and creative communications strategy to engage American’s 130,000+ global team members and has a direct influence on how stories are told across digital communication channels.

    Adib is a proven thought leader, creative visionary and business strategist with a passion for driving change and inspiring a creative team to deliver visual, engaging and comprehensive communication campaigns. He received his B.S. in Management from Northwood University and his MBA from University of Texas, Arlington.

  • Alexander Schuster, Director of Professional Services DACH, Aurea