You set a business goal. We make it happen.

> Meet Aurea Professional Services.

Other companies sell software. At Aurea, we sell meaningful business outcomes. To guarantee 100% success, we put as much emphasis on the quality of our support and services as our software. It’s a dramatically different approach, just like you’ve come to expect from us.



CMO Eric Levine
Success = Outcomes

Curt Richtermeyer
Managing Complexity, Faster

We expect big results. So should you.

No more failed deployments. Our services team is accountable for hitting your business goals — and we track their success at every step of the way. With Aurea Professional services, you will:


Accelerate your performance

Deliver rapid innovation, and reduce risk through superior expertise.


Enable sustainable growth

Deliver continuous improvement and maximize the value of your investment.


Predict your costs

Deliver value quickly, at a low TCO.


Succeed, guaranteed.

Get quality, on-time services that deliver the value you expect.

Happy customers spend 140% more than dissatisfied ones, according to the Harvard Business Review.

Even our approach is better.

We hire the best experts in the world, and bring them to you.

We deliver frequent, high quality releases that don’t require costly customization.

We let you pick the right products and services for your business — at sustainable, predictable costs.  

Our agile process means you see results quickly.