Aurea Email Marketing

Don’t just email your customers.  Engage with them. 

Create more personalized and profitable email programs. 

Reaching the inbox isn’t enough anymore. Customers today demand – and respond to – highly personalized engagement. And email marketers are struggling to deliver. 

Aurea Email Marketing changes that. We make it easy to truly reach and connect with your audience again and again, so you’re not just sending them emails — you’re driving conversions. 

With Aurea Email Marketing, you can: 

  • Engage with your customers through powerful email automation, sending truly dynamic, personalized communications based on their real-time behavior.
  • Build even better campaigns by consolidating insight from all your digital channels — from CRM and ecommerce systems to your web analytics platform. 
  • Maximize the performance of all your email programs through simple and powerful content scoring, delivery monitoring, and campaign analytics. 

Prefer the flexibility of a cloud-based solution? That’s why we created Lyris HQ. Need your installation on-premise instead? Choose Aurea List Manager (LM). Either way, you get everything you need to:

Listen and understand your audience
Gain a rich picture of each individual customer, from Web, mobile, and social behavior to purchase and interaction history. Then, use Aurea’s powerful relational segmentation tools to pinpoint the best messages for each and every customer — to improve response and build real relationships, not just click-thru’s. 

Create and send more personalized, engaging marketing programs
Engage customers with highly relevant, targeted, and timely messages as they interact with your marketing programs and website. Aurea lets you send welcome messages automatically to new customers, and trigger real-time messages based on popular customer actions like cart abandons. Plus, every message can be personalized automatically, using virtually any data source or feed. 

Get better campaign performance, insight, and ROI 
Aurea Email Marketing makes it easy to maximize campaign performance to increase opens, click-thru’s, and conversions.  Easy to use tools like built in content-scoring and inbox snapshots help you improve campaigns before you even launch them, and get previews of how your message will render across top email clients, browsers, and mobile devices. 

Plus, powerful real-time analytics let you fine tune your campaigns even further, For example, you can automatically target follow-on communications at the individual customer level based on past behaviors like email opens, clicks, geolocations, and device preferences. 


Aurea List Manager (On-premise)

Create and automate powerful customer engagement programs in the cloud

With Lyris HQ, marketers can quickly and easily create content, automate campaigns, and interact with customers and prospects from a cloud-based engagement platform. 

Lyris HQ lets you: 

  • Create compelling content more easily than ever with mobile-optimized templates and easy visual editors. 
  • Perform powerful segmentation and manage your lists, campaigns, and automation with easy, intuitive workflows. 
  • Conduct powerful split testing to deliver the best campaign results — from email subject lines and content to layout and calls-to-action. 
  • Ensure campaigns get delivered more successfully with blacklist and sender reputation monitoring, powerful spam scoring analysis, and more. 
  • Continually optimize your messaging, segmentation, and engagement using  advanced analytics.
  • Integrate easily with your favorite 3rd-party applications from CRM to eCommerce systems.  
  • Manage multiple clients at scale — perfect for agencies.

On-premise, enterprise-grade email marketing automation — for the largest, most demanding companies in the world

The world’s largest enterprises use Aurea List Manager (LM) to automate and deploy high volume email and digital messaging programs behind their own firewall. 

Aurea LM lets you:

  • Launch new campaigns quickly with prebuilt templates, advanced mail merges, and easy content and link validation. 
  • Engage your audience with personalized, dynamic content — and even automatically source content from third party systems — all based on user-defined business rules.  
  • Build the best performing programs with enterprise-grade segmentation, testing, and campaign automation capabilities. 
  • Ensure campaign delivery with enterprise-grade features like advanced message throttling, real-time sending adjustments, DomainKeys, and MailStreams that allow you to send mail from multiple IP addresses simultaneously. 
  • Track and report on virtually anything, from mail and list activity to recipient engagement, individual subscribers, and even demographic analysis.  
  • Integrate easily with in-house lists and databases.
  • White label and even customize the user interface, for agency and marketing services providers