Performance Management Solutions: Manage Your Key Business Processes

Everything from low interest rates, to changing demographics, to M&A, to new competition and stricter regulations are disrupting the insurance industry.

Aurea Insurance Solutions are purpose built to enable the largest carriers and brokerages to manage and improve the performance of distribution channels and processes.
Aurea Insurance Solutions are designed to tackle the industry’s biggest challenges:

 Increased choices for both consumers and producers have massively scaled channel size,  
   complexity and transaction volume

 Evolving, and burdensome regulatory requirements are present at all levels

 Legacy infrastructure and skills have difficulty keeping up with these dynamic scenarios and 
   can throttle growth

Aurea Insurance Solutions combine deep industry expertise and long-term relationships with innovation to transform these challenges into opportunities. The result?  Improved profitability and retention, with lower costs across the entire producer lifecycle.

Increase Agility to Double Profitability

On-board producers in days, and use analytics to match them to the right products and plans. Launch new products and compensation plans in weeks instead of months. Make business easy for your producers.

Meet Compliance Requirements and Reduce Risk

Ensure complete visibility and 100% automated compliance with all federal and state regulatory agencies, including NIPR and FINRA.

Lower Costs and Drive Efficiency

Reduce the cost of managing your producers across the lifecycle by up to 80% - and watch its effect on your bottom line. Harness cloud and mobile technology while optimizing critical infrastructure.
Aurea Insurance Solutions provide comprehensive compensation and producer lifecycle management capabilities to fuel your growth. With Aurea Distribution Channel Management, you can streamline onboarding, make better decisions, and pay the right people at the right time – all while meeting the regulatory and compliance requirements that come with the territory.