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We’re the technology behind happier,
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Amazing experiences bring big value to your business. They make your customers more passionate, more loyal, and ultimately, more profitable. And they’re created with Aurea customer experience solutions. We provide everything you need to build, execute, monitor and optimize even the most memorable experiences – like riding your kids’ favorite rides without waiting in a single line, and seeing their faces light up as their best-loved characters greet them by name at the most magical theme park on earth.

At Aurea, we’re hyper‑focused on your industry

We don’t believe in generic solutions. In our experience, they simply don’t deliver. That’s why we hire the best in every industry we serve, and build solutions from the ground up to tackle your specific challenges. Let us show you how we’re transforming the customer experience in your industry.

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Retail | Insurance | Energy

Customer focused retail

Aurea Retail Solutions transform your biggest industry challenges into increased profits and dramatically better experiences for your customers— from warehousing to e-commerce to financial management.  Explore how our customer-centric platform will amaze your customers.

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Designed specifically for insurance

Aurea Insurance Solutions transform your biggest industry challenges into dramatically better experiences for your customers and producers — from faster onboarding to better compensation and automated compliance. Explore how our customer-centric platform will mold top producers and amaze your customers.
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Customer-centric solutions
for energy

Aurea Energy Solutions arm providers with the technology to address your top business objectives — like generating increased customer enrollments, loyalty, and value — by building transformative customer experiences that achieve them.
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PayPal is transforming secure global commerce.

We’re just making it possible.

PayPal helps millions of businesses across the world get paid quickly and securely every day. And Aurea’s Customer Experience Platform helps them get paid even faster, accelerating the new merchant approval process and helping to reduce fraud along the way.

We’re 100% committed to the success of Paypal — it’s our promise to every customer.

Why pay for software?
Introducing Aurea Prime.

Make paying for software a thing of the past. With Aurea Prime, you get all the software Aurea has — or ever will have — for free, forever.
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