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Aurea CRM Enterprise Edition (English)

Join us on January 31 to learn how our top customers are increasing user adoption by upgrading to Enterprise Edition. We’ll share our full roadmap strategy with you, and preview Enterprise Edition features designed to give you more insight, access, and speed.

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Building forms in Aurea List Manager

Join Chris Benkert and learn how to create better forms that improve campaign performance.

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Building and hosting forms in Aurea Campaign Manager

Join us for our monthly training webinar and learn how to create and host better forms that improve campaign performance.

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Aurea Insurance Solutions 2017 Releases Webinar

Join us for a webinar dedicated to what’s new (and what’s coming) in 2017 for Aurea Insurance Solutions.

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CX Monitor Enterprise Edition Explained

Watch the webinar and learn the the major differences between CX Monitor Enterprise and Standard Editions, and get a technical deep-dive into all the enhancements CX Monitor Enterprise Edition includes.

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Adding Sites to List Manager

Join us as Aurea Professional Services expert Chris Benkert shares top tips for maximizing deliverability, and gives you a step-by-step walkthrough of adding a new sites in Aurea List Manager.

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